Industrial door maintenance is the responsibility of a business proprietor regardless of whether or not they own the building in which their business is located. Industrial door maintenance is not the landlord’s responsibility.

Since industrial doors are classified as machinery, regular inspection and maintenance is a requirement. Although the service frequency will depend on the level of usage, the required minimum duration is a year. Health, safety and welfare regulations state that the workplace, equipment, and systems must be kept in good repair and efficient working order.

Under the same ordinance, only trained, qualified and experienced persons such as competent fitters, technicians, or engineers are allowed to carry out industrial door maintenance services. Furthermore, industrial doors are required to have a log book upon installation, one that entails the following:
• The manufacturer’s name and contact details
• The installer’s name and contact details
• A unique identification number
• Identification of the power unit and safety devices
• Location reference
• Expected completion date for the installation
• The outcome of installation, verification, and testing

Apart from a record of maintenance, the log book should also contain the outcomes of any testing conducted by an engineer.

It is a known fact that poorly maintained industrial doors fail. They can, therefore, cause injury or death. Since it can be taken to mean you did not have your doors serviced regularly, you can face hefty fines or imprisonment for failing to provide the required paperwork. Remember, the paperwork you offer the health and safety executive needs to be up to date.

You should choose an industrial door maintenance company that keeps paper records of every door they service. The record should include the door’s make, type of safety devices fitted, its dimensions, service location, service intervals, type of operation, and service results. In addition, companies need to keep records detailing the method of access required to reach the industrial doors’ mechanisms such as the scaffolding, scissor lifts, or whether ladders. Keeping these records helps to ensure an industrial door service provider avails the equipment necessary for efficient maintenance and minimal downtime. For those of you interested, there is more information available at Wilcox Door Service Inc..

The maintenance company you choose will have failed you if they do not provide proper documentation. Apart from complying with the law, correct documentation is proof of the steps taken to ensure safety. Furthermore, having proper documentation makes timely maintenance possible, which helps to keep your doors running smoothly.

The service intervals of an industrial door will rely heavily on that door’s rate of use. Industrial doors used as little as once a day will only need servicing once every year. However, doors operated as much as 50 times a day will most likely require servicing once every two months.

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