A personal injury lawyer is a legal expert in torts, or claims for medical damages and pain and suffering against another party for his or her presumed negligence. This kind of lawyer understands how to navigate the legal system in your specific province of Canada and to prepare your case according to applicable laws. It’s important to sit down with a personal injury lawyer and ask questions before signing any paperwork. You can learn additional information at Lawbroker.Here are some things you can ask without feeling any pressure to become a client:

1. What other kinds of cases have you handled like mine? You have been injured from a personal injury situation, but these aren’t all the same. It’s usually something along the lines of a car accident, a slip and fall, a product liability situation, a workplace accident, a dog bite, or even a pedestrian/bicycle accident.

2. How much do you think my legal expenses will be and how long might it take to conclude my case? After reviewing the facts of your case, a personal injury lawyer should have an idea if it will be necessary to file suit in your case. This is more costly for both sides. The more your legal fees become, the less you will get after your case is settled or won at a trial.

3. What kind of investigations will be required? Some accidents, especially involving vehicle rollovers, drunk drivers, or multiple car crashes, will require extensive investigation. If your case will go to a trial or mediation, your lawyer may have to bring in the experts to give their professional opinion of what happened in the accident that resulted in your injuries. The burden is to establish the at-fault’s negligence.

4. How much insurance benefits or assets does the at-fault party have from which you might recover damages? For motor vehicle accidents and for premises liability, it’s not that difficult for a personal injury lawyer to ascertain what insurance policies apply to the accident. Making a few phone calls can help your attorney ascertain the answer to this question. It’s important to consider how much legal representation will cost versus your medical bills, because the lawyer’s fees and costs will come out of any settlement or verdict that you receive.

5. Why should I choose you to represent me? When you meet with a personal injury lawyer, you may feel comfortable about his or her personality and matter-of-fact way of responding to your inquiries. Other attorneys may not put you at ease. Choose the best person to represent your claim.

Choosing a personal injury attorney isn’t always about the personality. It’s about establishing a mutual trust and getting expert representation for your claim. You can learn additional information at Law Broker.

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